Bo and Co’s diverse knowledge base allows the company to create a huge variety of bespoke software. Below is a selection of the available applications.
    Computer games
    From full commercial products to promotional games, Bo and Co can deliver exciting and enthralling video games that contain professional graphics and audio combined with first class gameplay.

    Web games
    As the number of websites increases, a game is a great way to attract visitors and ensure they return regularly.

    Interactive CD
    An interactive CD provides an engaging and entertaining method of conveying information. With its blend of graphics, animation, text and audio an interactive CD is a powerful and effective marketing tool. Interactive CD ROM design, CD ROM designers and producers

    From design, through implementation to product rollout and support, Bo and Co offers its customers a full website creation service. Be it HTML pages, flash animations or fully database driven websites, we have the experience required to create the correct solution for every customer including seo analysis.
    With this software program you don’t need a website, or things such as auto responders or even a business for that matter in order to make streams of income.

    Whether you are promoting an affiliate program, ebooks, wanting to build huge opt in lists for targeted consumers or want to get FREE traffic from search engines then this is the product for you! You can quickly and easily generate thousands of high paying keyword lists within MINUTES using this software that you can use for your business promotions.

    You can also create quality content for whatever website that you may have, steal keywords that your competitors are using on pay per click (PPC) services such as Google Adwords and use them to promote your own website, format your website to increase visitors to your site, get search engines to display YOUR website on top of their listing, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Full details are available from the link below.

    Our services extend far beyond software development. We can help ensure effective deployment and maximise product value for end customers.

    Bar code to bespoke softwre..

    Our software development spans the Air Conditioning Industry, Building Trade, Catering Industry, Carpet Manufacturing, Medial Profession & Motor Trade. The list opposite contains a small number of Software Applications/Systems Developed by Our Team, these applications can be tailored to suit your business or we can write a system to your specification. We provide barcode/rfid scanners, terminals, printers, labels and software. …

    Bar Code Peripherals Hardware Suppliers Directory
    We have implemented data collection applications within Commercial Organisations, NHS and Local Government.

    • We will accurately estimate realistic schedules for systems development and implementation.
    • We can undertake projects as fixed price contracts or on a time and materials basis.
    • We provide a 24/7 help line for our clients

    As a unique, high-growth and successful business, you stand out from the crowd — and your technology needs are just as unique.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

    Software Development

    Offers a range of bar code and POS hardware and software. Including scanners and printers

    If you are an affiliate promoting products then this is the one for you!

    For full details please click the link below, should you decide to purchase this product at a later date, please bookmark this page to use the same link below so that I can fairly get paid my commission for introducing this
    opportunity to you.

    Should you decide to purchase this product at a later date, please bookmark this page to use the same link below so that I can fairly get paid my commission for introducing this opportunity to you.

    Data Collection Systems

    New IT Technologies

    Angels back Cambridge software push
    A company whose leisure management software is used by Chelsea FC and at England’s Rugby HQ has received new investment from Cambridge angel fund Martlet.

    Moving with the technology age