We have been providing web development outsourcing services for over a year now. With an able team of IT professionals we are able to provide Internet solutions that meet the clients requirements.

    We understand outsourcing, originating nearly 40 years ago from efforts to reduce business costs and focus on core competencies, the practice of outsourcing is one of today’s most important business tools.

    As the outsourcing industry evolves, it changes its shape and thereby finds new uses and builds new alliances. We no longer view outsourcing solely as a business tool with cost to one partner being the revenue of the other; we realize that cooperation and collaboration in outsourcing relationships can lead to gain for both partners. Collaboration works best when the tradeoffs are unique and the incentives are high.

    Free consultation and business needs analysis.

    Websites tailored to you business needs.

    Disability compliant websites to comply with new DDA legislations.

    We recently installed solar panels in our office building.

    Use of professional email addresses that match your www. domain name.

    Becoming even more responsive to market needs, our relationships with clients have turned the corner, beyond reducing costs, and have recognized outsourcing’s fundamental usefulness in business process reengineering (BPR) and in increasing shareholder value.

    Their attention to detail and understanding of our needs has surpassed many other companies’ offers and has certainly made a major contribution to our profile and sales.

    Jux is back online!! We hope that you haven’t been inconvenienced whilst we moved from the UK to Portugal. This will not affect delivery of orders to the UK. We are now back online and accepting orders.

    To this extent, are now offering generic training modules on the capabilities of XML and GML. These modules can also be combined, giving a comprehensive education into XML / GML and practical applied experience in application schema.

    We recently developed custom back end solution for Cyprus holidays company.

    Competitors are joining forces in increasing numbers and are forming alliances to enter new markets, pursue common goals and new opportunities. UCSINC’s services can be a valuable asset to your firm. By developing win-win strategies at the start of our relationship we can help you meet your business goals. Have a look at some of the projects we have been involved with and please get in touch for more information or a quotation.

    Have you outsourced too much?
    The lure of offshoring is strong, but has it gone too far? Well, most recently we’ve established strong relationship with onsulting business.
    We are very happy to report that ITX solutions and his team have given us an entirely more than satisfactory service with beyond that which was requested. Their efficiency and ability to deliver within our demanding schedule is unbeatable.

    Bar code to bespoke softwre..

    Our software development spans the Air Conditioning Industry, Building Trade, Catering Industry, Carpet Manufacturing, Medial Profession & Motor Trade. The list opposite contains a small number of Software Applications/Systems Developed by Our Team, these applications can be tailored to suit your business or we can write a system to your specification. We provide barcode/rfid scanners, terminals, printers, labels and software. …

    Bar Code Peripherals Hardware Suppliers Directory
    We have implemented data collection applications within Commercial Organisations, NHS and Local Government.

    • We will accurately estimate realistic schedules for systems development and implementation.
    • We can undertake projects as fixed price contracts or on a time and materials basis.
    • We provide a 24/7 help line for our clients

    As a unique, high-growth and successful business, you stand out from the crowd — and your technology needs are just as unique.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

    Software Development

    Offers a range of bar code and POS hardware and software. Including scanners and printers

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    Should you decide to purchase this product at a later date, please bookmark this page to use the same link below so that I can fairly get paid my commission for introducing this opportunity to you.

    Data Collection Systems

    New IT Technologies

    Angels back Cambridge software push
    A company whose leisure management software is used by Chelsea FC and at England’s Rugby HQ has received new investment from Cambridge angel fund Martlet.

    Moving with the technology age